5 Reasons Behind the Steady Increase of Medical Tourists in India

5 Reasons Behind the Steady Increase of Medical Tourists in India

Medical Tourism sector in India is on a song and witnessing a growth that is consistent. With simplified communications and the internet, the world population is becoming aware of the nations that are proving value-based and cost-effective treatment for their health issues. India is heading this pack of leading medical tourism nations, thanks to its high-quality medical care, cost-efficient treatment options and welcoming hospitality. In addition, India is attracting Medical Tourists with its alternative medicine options like Ayurveda and Yoga and needless to mention the culturally rich tourist destinations.

It might appear like Medical Tourism is conceptualized and practised just over the past few decades. However, Travelling to other states or to other countries in order to avail medical services that are efficient and cost-effective, exists much before then the Modern Healthcare Revolution. The developing nations are now more focused on attracting patients on a global platform. Supporting this very initiative, Government of India has simplified and regulated visa processing and other formalities for Medical Tourists.

There are various factors that work in favour of Indian Medical Tourism Industry. India houses few of the world-renowned consultants and surgeons. The medical institutes in India are recognized globally for performing complex and rare medical procedures. India is home to some of the best Hospitals in the world that are JCI accredited, here is a list of Top JCI accredited Hospitals in India. The private partnership in Indian Healthcare is dominating, just making it more advanced while being efficient to cope up with the peer pressure. On top of everything, medical tourists can avail enhanced levels of quality health care at half the price they would get the same in the most developed countries. Complimenting all these exclusive features of Indian Healthcare, the welcoming and caring nature of Indian hospitality and the presence of culturally rich tourist destinations are being the prime reasons.

India is registering a whopping growth rate of around 25 percent every year in Medical Tourism sector, the highest number than any country in Asia. Here are the major reasons that helping India to accomplish this feat.

High-Quality Medical Care that is Affordable – India is rewriting the misconception that one has to spend more in order to get quality and advanced medical care. The simplified medical policies and regulations by the Government of India has opened gates for corporates to invest more in Healthcare which in turn resulted in peak peer competition. The increased pressure persuading Healthcare Management to deliver value-based medical care in order to sustain. Hospitals and other medical facilities are concentrating on other ways to reduce costs.

The delivery of care is now patient-focused and it has been a long time since the scenario in Indian Healthcare has become value-based. Quality healthcare at affordable prices has become the only motto of the Healthcare players in order to sustain.

Finest Medical Professionals – India has got a reputation in the field of Medicine and often referred to as the Capital of Medicine. The medical profession in India is devoted and doctors are respected at a higher level. This societal norm has urged many generations to pursue medicine out of passion and commitment. Many of the world-renowned consultants and surgeons have been born out of this very passion and commitment towards medicine.

The presence of passionate and experienced consultants and surgeons helping India to reach the new heights in terms of performing rare and complex surgeries with the highest medical success rates. Availability of improved medical technologies was a barrier in India to perform complex medical procedures. However, this has been effectively addressed in Indian hospitals with the help of corporate involvement and investment.

Revised Government Policies in Favour of Medical Tourism – The Government of India has recognized Medical Tourism as an industry and bringing all the necessary changes to meet the increased demands from medical tourists. It is sanctioning the necessary permissions that are required for corporates to invest in healthcare practices and also speeding up the pace of application processing for the new multi and super-speciality hospitals across all the major cities in India.

Simplifying medical visa application terms and increased pace in processing them shows the keenness the Government has in developing this industry. The Central Government has recognized the value it could bring and the reputation India could gain on the Global Healthcare podium.

World Renowned Tourist Attractions across India – Many medical tourists concede that their trip is incomplete if they have not witnessed the true beauty of culturally rich Indian tourist destinations. Once they have received the treatment for their ailment, many of the medical tourists take a spin across India, or at least the major attractions.

The feasibility of visiting the tourist attractions and experiencing the rich Indian life are few of the main reasons why many medical tourists choose India as their medical tourism destination.

Apart from the success factors mentioned above, India is famous for its hospitality traits and accommodation here is hassle-free with the availability of world-class hotels. In addition, English is one of the highest spoken languages in India which makes the medical trip seamless. While India attracting the majority of its medical tourists from African and Middle-East regions, the number of medical tourists from European countries is increasing day by day. With its tremendous growth rate and high medical success rate, the day when India is seen as the Medical Capital of the World is not too far away.

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