Everything you need to know about kidney transplant

Everything you need to know about kidney transplant

The word ‘Kidney Transplantation’ is scary enough to send shivers down your spine. It is regarded as a last hope by people with limited knowledge on the subject. Contrary to this belief, in many cases ‘Kidney Transplantation’ isn’t the final resort but the initial one.

A healthy kidney is needed to filter harmful wastes and fluids which accumulate in our body. Failures of kidneys result in complications such as increased blood pressure and if not treated on time has adverse effects on our body. Kidney transplant which is also known as renal transplant, is a surgical procedure carried out for treatment of kidney failure or end stage renal disease. The procedure involves replacement of the kidneys which are not functioning properly with a well-functioning kidney of a donor, who is either deceased or alive.

Functions of the kidney

The major function of the kidney is to produce urine by filtering excess minerals, waste and other unwanted fluids. A properly functioning kidney helps in maintaining proper levels of fluids and chemicals in the body. They produce hormones which are required to keep the blood pressure of your body in control and maintain the level of red blood cells.

What causes problems with kidneys?

The kidneys in the body can be affected adversely by various factors. Kidney failures or chronic kidney diseases are caused by:

Diabetes of type 1 or 2

Inflammation of the filtering units

High blood pressure

Kidney stones or barriers in the urinary tract

Kidney infection which keeps on recurring

Other factors such as polycystic disease of the kidneys

What are the symptoms of kidney problems?

Whenever the kidneys stop performing properly, the body starts showing some signs and symptoms of kidney failure which can be:

Edema which is irregular accumulation of fluids leading to swelling of feet, hands and face.


Pale color of the skin which results from lack of iron

Bad breath


Coffee colored urine

Itchy skin etc.

Once a person is affected by last stage of the renal failure, it is necessary to get the waste produced in the body removed. This is achieved by either the process of kidney transplantation or through dialysis. Dialysis purifies and filters the blood with help of a machine.

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant surgery is needed to treat kidney failure. The process involves replacement of both the failed kidneys in the body with a healthy kidney. Such a kidney is obtained from organ donation which is done by a deceased or a living person. A series of blood tests and matching processes are performed to ensure that there are no negative reactions in the body and to achieve successful kidney transplantation. The procedure is conducted under general anaesthesia. An incision is made in the abdomen and the kidney of the donor is placed inside. The veins and arteries from the kidney of the donor are connected to those of the patient causing flow of blood to the new kidney. The ureter of the new kidney is attached to the bladder resulting in normal urination and other required functions.

Kidney transplant complications –

The surgery can sometimes lead to several complications which include:



Blood clots

Rejection of donated kidney

Heart attack, stroke or even death

Failure of kidney which is donated

Leaking from ureter

Kidney transplant cost in India –

Patients from across the globe visit India for kidney transplantation. Affordability and quality of medical services makes India a viable option in comparison with other countries. India is one of the top countries for the procedure of kidney donation and there are many renowned hospitals that perform the procedure of kidney transplant. The quality of surgeons in terms of their experience along with dedication of other staff ensures the best possible treatment for the patient. Also, another factor which makes India an ideal destination for the surgery is the cost. In India, the kidney transplant cost is around Rupees 3.5 lacs to 10 lacs ($5000 to $16000). Below table will give you an indication about the cost of kidney transplant surgery in India in comparison with other countries. India is surely one of the most affordable destinations to perform the kidney transplant surgery and lead a healthy and better life.

Kidney transplant cost in India compared to other countries:

kidney transplant cost chart

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