How to apply for an Indian Medical Visa

How to apply for an Indian Medical Visa

During his brief stint in USA, Rahul from India had made good friends with Jack. Jack worked in a small café where Rahul would often go for his morning cuppa coffee. After his return from USA, Rahul and Jack would call each other at least once a week. They would speak for hours on end. But that day, the jovial Jack didn’t sound like usual. After much persuasion from Rahul, Jack informed him about the serious ailment that his father has been diagnosed with. His father’s deteriorating health needed a great amount of medical attention that was available in India at a lesser cost as compared to USA.

Rahul at once assured Jack that he would do everything that he could and started enquiring about the medical visa requirements in India and procedure to apply for Medical Visa in India. The demand for an Indian Medical Visa has been growing substantially. The major reasons are the top-notch medical facilities, expert medical professionals, a lesser medical visa cost rate as compared to most countries and many others.

He learned that to apply for an Indian Medical Visa from USA the patient would have to seek treatment only in reputed/recognised specialised hospitals and treatment centres in India. He also learned that not all ailments are considered on a primary basis. Rahul was well aware that Jack’s father had to undergo a Neurosurgery and that made matters less difficult.

In the process Rahul got to know that the list of ailments considered on a primary basis is:


Ophthalmic disorder

Heart-related problem

Renal disorders

Joint replacement

Organ transplantation

Gene therapy


Plastic surgery

Congenital disorders

But who would accompany his father to India? Jack’s mother and sister were keen enough to accompany his father, however, that wasn’t possible. Rahul informed Jack that not more than 2 attendees can accompany his father and hence they had to make a decision as to who would the two be? Rahul educated Jack on the precise information on The Indian Medical Visa Requirements for patient’s attendees:

Only two blood-related attendants are allowed to accompany the patient under a separate medical attendant visa (MED X).

Jack started making arrangements for their stay in India. He had initially planned that he would go ahead, get things in place and later call his father and mother. However, that wasn’t possible as the policy for the attendee’s visa didn’t permit the same as the Medical Attendant Visa has the same visa validity as per the patient’s Visa.

Duration of the Indian Medical Visa:

The initial duration of the visa is up to a year OR the duration required for the treatment, whichever is sooner.

The visa comes with an approval of a maximum of 3 entries during the year.

The duration of the visa begins on the day of the issuance and not on the day of the patient’s arrival in India.

To summarize a few important points:

The application requires the applicant to have recommendation/reference for the specialised treatment from the medical expert of the applicant’s origin country on the basis of preliminary visa medical checkup or examination.

The treatment should fall in the listed category qualified for a medical visa.

Applicants with a medical condition that is acknowledged by a recognised medical institution and the one having a valid passport of their country of origin are eligible to apply for a medical visa for India. The authority has to provide a medical certificate for a visa in India.

After gaining all the crucial information from Rahul related to the Application for an Indian Medical Visa, Jack got his hands on the procedure to follow. And this is how it goes:

The online process of getting an Indian Medical Visa begins with:

The patient has to fill the medical Visa India Application Form for applying for an Indian Medical Visa.

Fill up all the information in the form precisely and take a print out of the application form.

Collect all the listed documents without skipping even a single one.

Drop in at your nearest Indian Embassy for all the information required related to the Indian Medical Visa.

Submit all the required documents. It takes about 3 weeks to get the approvals and begins with the further procedures.

Make payment of the medical visa fees in India.

Plan your travel as soon as you get your visa approved.

Jack and his family had to collect all the papers and documentation required to go ahead with the process. Jack father’s health was failing by every passing day and hence the process had to begin as soon as possible.

The papers Jack had to collect for the Indian medical Visa are as follows:

Indian Medical Visa Papers Required:

Minimum 6 months valid passport.

A recent passport sized photograph.

A photocopy of your passport.

A copy of your online medical Visa application form.

Residence proof.

Recommendation / Reference from a doctor from your country of origin to visit hospital/ medical institute for treatment basis a medical test for a visa in India.

Proof of relationship with attendants (for MED X Visa).

All crucial medical reports from the doctors and medical centres from your country of origin.

Passport copies of the patient’s attendees.

What worried Jack the most was just one thing, what if his father’s treatment took longer than the initial duration of the visa? But every problem has a solution and below was the solution for Jack’s worry.

The Medical Visa duration in India is issued for one year or the duration of your treatment, whichever arrives sooner.

You can get an extension if the treatment requires more time.

The process for the extension of Medical Visa in India is the same and can be done online or at the Indian Embassy in your country.

Now there was no looking back.

Rahul, backing Jack at every step of the way learned that there are many countries offering medical visa for India such as USA, Kenya, UK, Australia, Kuwait and others. Also, medical tourism visa in India is now gaining popularity and the medical visa price in India is affordable. However, as per laws, India denies a medical visa to Pakistan

All this information was enough to bring a ray of hope in Jack’s heart to see his father healthy and hearty again. Jack began the process and sooner than he knew he was in India, admitting his father at one of the best medical institutes and under the supervision of some of the greatest medical experts in the country.

Jack father is recovering faster. The Indian Medical Visa helped Jack treat his father from one of the top surgeons globally in India.

So if you too are looking to travel to India on a medical visa, below are the indicative prices.

Medical Visa Pricing table

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