One-Stop Clinic for all Dental Treatments - Plexus Healthcare

One-Stop Clinic for all Dental Treatments - Plexus Healthcare

It is time for us not to think of our mouths as somehow disconnected from the rest of our bodies. The same blood flows through them, the same nerves go to them, every meal that we take goes through our mouth. To have a healthy body, you need a healthy mouth and for a healthy mouth, you need to maintain good oral hygiene.

An appointment with a dentist even for a regular checkup can be daunting. No doubt about having to go for fillings or even something fancy as cosmetic procedures. A dentist is not only a doctor but a person who presents a wide plethora of specialized treatments for gum diseases or tooth decay.

Dental treatment is much easier with advanced innovations. Dental implants, treating chipped & broken teeth and complete solution to maintain your oral health.

As mentioned a dental clinic can actually house all of your dental needs under one roof, and there is more than one kind of specialist in this type of facility. This is what exactly Plexus HealthCare brings to you “ All Specialist Under One Roof” they pride to have numerous associate and specialty dentist available at one time. Plexus healthcare emphasizes patient education to prevent disease and provide dental treatment at the same time. They ensure that your mouth and teeth stay beautiful and healthy and attractive.

Plexus healthcare provides complete dental solution along with maintaining proper hygiene in the prime area of Mumbai ranging from cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy, smile makeover , dental implant, dentures, dental bridges, teeth whitening, Hollywood smile, laser dentistry, veneer and lumineers, esthetic dentistry.

Dr. Jinal Brahmbhatt and Dr. Ankita Rawat lead the charge to provide specialized services in Aesthetic Dentistry, Prosthodontics, and Implantology with an experience of successfully treating more than 200 foreign patients. Dr. Jinal has experience of 4 years with a degree in Bachelor of Dental Surgery(B.D.S) while Dr. Anikita has an experience of 6 years, she specializes in Prosthodontics & Implantologist with a degree in Master of Dental Surgery.

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Their prowess in dental treatment is complemented by their linguistic capabilities. If you are from Oman or any other Gulf country, language is not a barrier for doctors. Patients don't need to spend an extra buck for any translation services.

Patients visiting Plexus HealthCare have given a positive feedback and doctors were on their toes to provide the best dental solution they can. The location of the clinic is near the most relaxing place to be at in Mumbai (Nariman Point) situated next to the luxurious Hotel Trident and Hotel Oberoi. And it's just a 5 min walk from the clinic where the patient can reside and enjoy the beauty of Mumbai.

What Patients say:

"I decided to go for a dental treatment and visited Bombay for the same. After inquiring many clinics I decided to go with Plexus Healthcare. Dr Jinal and Dr Ankita treated me very well. The process of the dental implant was very smooth, the price was very reasonable compared to other clinics. They made me comfortable and assured me that implants would be pain-free. I would recommend Plexus HealthCare to anyone willing to visit India for a Dental implant."

Mr. Ahmed Hilal, Oman

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