Regain Stability and Support in Life with Affordable Hip Replacement in India

Regain Stability and Support in Life with Affordable Hip Replacement in India

We know that Knee is an important joint in our body and a damaged knee may cause us to undergo a Knee replacement surgery. But along with Knee, there is another joint in our body which is very important and often neglected - The Hip Joint.

The Hip Joint literally backs us in every walk of life. It supports our body bearing its weight while we are sitting, walking, standing or running. There are only two bones in the hip joint namely Femur and Acetabulum. Acetabulum acts as a cup to the ball like Femur joint. Combinedly, the ball-and-socket joint or Acetabulum and Femur is one of the most important and strongest joints in the human body. The modern lifestyle and a range of diseases affect the hip joint causing severe pain. The major factors and diseases damaging the hip joint are

Sitting at the same place for hours


Arthritis or osteoarthritis



Polymyalgia Rheumatic




In most of the progressive countries, the professional life is hectic and a decent amount of pressure falls on the hip joint. Though the hip joint is very strong and can withstand a significant amount of pressure, movements and wear and tear; excess stress on the tendons and muscles in the hip can destroy it and cause immense pain and discomfort. Hip replacement surgery is the ultimate solution to get rid of the unbearable pain related to the damaged hip and regain the flexibility in the joint during walking, sitting, standing or other activities.

Types of Hip Replacement Surgery

There are primarily three types of hip replacement operations –

Hip Resurfacing – For the patients suffering from intermediate hip joint damage, hip resurfacing is suggested where just the ball-and-socket joint is resurfaced using a hollow metal cap. Neither of the socket or ball parts is replaced. It is a quick and low-risk surgery done with minimum invasion. This type of surgery is often done with the people having decent bone density.

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement – In this surgery, a small incision is made around the hip and lesser amount of tissues is cut. Special equipment is needed in this surgery. The overall process remains the same as traditional hip replacement surgery.

Total Hip Replacement – It is a slightly longer procedure done with a large invasion. In this surgery, the complete hip joint, which is damaged, is replaced by an artificial joint which is sustainable and safe. It takes around 1-3 hours to perform this surgery. The risks associated with this surgery are higher than hip resurfacing surgery. In this surgery femur and head of femur is separated from the hip joint and an artificial ball is placed there. The already existing socket’s surface is adjusted by roughening it so that the ball fitted gets compatible with the socket. Mainly acrylic cement is used for placing the artificial ball. For the patients who are young or active, sometimes plastic or ceramic ball and socket is suggested for convenience in the chore.

How Costly is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip replacement surgery is a complex surgery which takes hours and demands thousands of bucks. UK, US, Switzerland and Australia are the most expensive countries for hip replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgeries require cutting-edge equipment and an expert panel of doctors as it’s about supporting the whole body through an invasive treatment. The developed countries count on a handful of reputed joint implant brands and hence the price tags of the products keeps on surging every year. In the developing countries like India and Malaysia, foreign-made authentic implant products are welcomed that cut down on the implant costs. Here is a stats showing how hip replacement surgery cost varies from a nation to another nation.

Country Hip Replacement Cost (approx.)
US $29,000 - $50,000
UK $16,000
Switzerland $17,000
Australia $19,000
Spain $6,700
New Zealand $15,000
South Africa $7,600

Hip Replacement Cost in India

Since 600 B.C to the present time, India has been creating milestones in the field of science with least possible expenses. India has some of the globally recognized and ranked surgeons in many prestigious medical organizations. Hip replacement surgery in India is way cheaper than many countries. Thousands of medical tourists from US, UK, Canada and Australia visit India to avail the cutting-edge surgery and treatment at reasonable cost. The hip replacement surgery expenses depends on two major factors –

• Use of Implant Material - The artificial ball and socket sections in the hip joint are available in different materials like ceramic, plastic and metal. The cost of implant is influenced by the type of material used. The fixation can either be done using cement or without cement. The type of damage or age of the patient decides the type of material to be used.

Hospital Stay Cost - Hospital stays in India is way cheaper than a range of countries like UK, US, Australia, Switzerland and Canada. Be it the attendant’s cost, doctor’s visit or hospital bed charges; it’s all gravy and affordable. The hospital stay duration depends on whether the patient has been suggested hip resurfacing/minimal invasive hip replacement or total hip replacement surgery. The age and medical history of the patient also plays an important role in the extended hospital stays.

The average cost of total hip replacement surgery is between $6,000 and $7,500 in India. The same surgery costs around 60-80% more expensive in the nations like UK and USA. Before proceeding with hip replacement surgery, any or some of the following tests are prescribed during the diagnosis –

Bone Density Test




CAT Scan

Usually, 3-6 months of hospital stay is suggested by the doctors in the case of normal hip replacement surgery. The hospital stay duration may exceed based on the complexity, age and extent of hip damage.

Top Hospitals for Hip Replacement in India

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai/Hyderabad/Bangalore

Medanta The Medicity

Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Fortis, Delhi

Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore

Nanavati, Mumbai

SL Raheja Hospital, Mumbai

Columbia Asia, Pune

By any chance if you are planning to vist India for a hip replacement surgery, there are numerous Medical Tourism Companies in India which helps you in finding the right doctor, right hospital for your treatment and also offer Visa, Lodging and Travel assistance.

India has some of the most competent orthopaedic surgeons. The standard of orthopaedic surgeries or implanting prosthetic substitutes in USA, UK or any other developed country can be expected in India but at a very affordable cost. The growth in Indian healthcare has blessed most of the recognized Indian hospitals with state-of-the-art equipments. For MRI and complex X-rays, the Indian hospitals have ultramodern equipment and the techniques used for fast healing are also leading-edge. Indian medical tourism is indeed a blessing for the patients from all across the globe. The Indian hospitals not just save thousands of dollars on the complex surgeries but provide world-class pre-surgery and post-surgery care as well.

This is why India is considered among the Top 5 countries for Medical tourism.

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