Role of Hospital Staff in Medical Tourism

Role of Hospital Staff in Medical Tourism Image Credits: Freepik

A lot of people are traveling to India and Far East Asian countries for medical treatment. The numbers have increased significantly in the past few years that it has come to be known as medical tourism. But why is this so? Is it because of the quality medical facilities? Or is it a cheaper alternative as compared to other countries? Read on we might come to know another component that has often been overlooked.

The role staffs play to make every patient feel at ease

One of the often neglected components that have made Far East countries excel in medical tourism is hospital staff. Hospital staffs have an important role to play in the whole medical experience. Right from the first contact via email, to being received by the hospital and the attention given by the medical staff and other staff it is important it enhances the patient’s stay to make a patient feel at ease and on the way to recovery.

Individual care is important

When a patient comes in it is important that they are received warmly at the airport. Hospitals need to have a welcome person who can speak the language of the patient. Special desks need to be created for international patients.

If for a reason they are unable to speak the language of the patient, translators should be provided. Hospital such as Apollo and the Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai provide accommodation facilities to the medical tourists.

Apollo hospital has a program known as Tender Loving Care. What these means is that the hospital staff gives to the patient a never ending compassion, care, and support. They give the patient an unlimited counsel, support, and rehabilitation during the patient recovery. This is to help the patient during their recovery.

The single most important individuals making a cohesive unit

Apart from equipment, and facilities, hospital staffs are an important component of any hospital setup. The most important individuals that make a cohesive unit are among others:






A special mention is made here of nurses as they provide the aftercare after the patient is treated and they are on their way to recovery. Their skills need and can be enhanced.

Nurses need to upgrade their training to include:

Transcultural elements.

Business management studies.

Ethical and legal discussions that relate to the care of patients.

Nurses may have to take up new roles which include:

Advising patients



Warn patients of any possible risks

Hospital staffs represent the whole institution

Regardless of grade or cadre of a hospital staff, the staffs represent the whole hospital. Their action, inaction could severely dent the image of the hospital. They are supposed to be trained to work for the common good of the patient. With good training, the patient recovery, comfort, and ease can be greatly be enhanced by all.

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