#99,2nd Floor, DD Milestone, Kadavanthra,
Kerala, India - 682 020

Medi Trawell is registered under Optimus Medical Services Pvt Ltd which is a well established and well experienced Medical Tourism portal from India. It is one of the most trusted medical tourism planner in India managed by Doctors (both Allopathic and Ayurveda) & well-experienced tour operation team. It runs through values and morals. Their main aim is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality health care services. They are an organisation engaged in the promotion of medical tourism in India. They are associated with Hospitals, Resorts, wellness centre, dental hospital & clinics & naturopathy yoga centres in Kerala and other states. They have a certain package and that can be customized as the requirement of the patient. Meditrawell is devoted to its customers & ensures their customer that the Hospital/Resort does not do any unwanted procedure or the patient is not overbilled.

Many people from all parts of the world are considering India as a destination for cost-effective medical tourism. Meditrawell is your trusted medical value travel planners established in south India surrounded by a huge landscape of nature. It is located in Kerala, which is also familiar to the world as "Gods Own Country" due to its picturesque nature which is spread throughout the state. Their location offers a peaceful environment for the visitor while their experienced doctors in all the prominent fields always accessible in clearing their health woes successfully. Meditrawell is the best blend of allopathic and Ayurveda doctors with extensive experience in treatment and health trip planning.

Meditrawell in Cochin is now turned into the best synonym for medical tourism in India through its extensive experienced planning for the foreigner's treatment needs. Every day many foreigners visit their place to get their health checked up at the same time to visit the nature from the different angle of the world. Their hospitality and care always a best sought after one for many foreign nationals as we kept on receiving calls and emails with their enquiries. Their staff cordially monitors their all enquiries and offers the best suggestion in a way their dream to visit India can be fulfilled very easily and economically besides helping them to plan their treatment trip successful.

Health care is nowadays very costly affair at almost all places in the world. Nowadays, treatment from a specialist is very expensive for the patients. Here, Meditrawell is standing as a best and reliable source with an added economy and trip pleasure in it. A visit to India can relieve patients from many chronic health problems while the surrounding nature offers additional natural treatment. It is definitely a must and should visit now for many people to India and seeking guidance and help from Meditrawell on their treatment needs can turn into beneficial in many ways.

Meditrawell was founded by a group of experienced doctors with a good network with all the major hospitals in and around. It is their extensive knowledge, which specialist is doing well and which is not. This is helping them a lot in guiding their foreign guests those are visiting India for their treatment needs. Their current and past record in this field is helping them a lot to be of help for their customers. Their website is currently made into more interactive for this purpose too. A person from any part of the world can easily gather valuable information about their medical tourism offers and facilities from online. This will offer clear insight about, what you will be getting through this visit and Meditrawell is always successful in keeping up to the level of your expectations too. Reach them any time online and support team will stand as reasonable help for all your queries. Meditrawell and its location is the best assurance for the good rest for the patient besides successful treatment from the professional doctors and hospitality staff being an additional reward.