Unit No 417, Paras Trade Centre, Gwal Pahari, Gurgaon Faridabad Road,
Haryana, India - 122003

We are a team of professionals, with experience across different aspects of hospital management. We understand how Indian hospital work and represent over 250 Indian hospitals (as part of various hospital chains). International patients need a wider range of services. A hospital is not able to provide an entire spectrum of these services since it focuses on clinical delivery. It is here that we step in and make life easy for the patient and their attendants.

  • We put patient-interests above everything else.
  • We identify the best-in-class treatment facility for an international patient coming to India for medical treatment.
  • We offer estimates and line to treatment from a vast range of hospitals.
  • We negotiate the best rates for the identified treatment.
  • We coordinate the travel to India and the treatment of the patient in India with a view to striving for a non-interruptible treatment process as well as smooth user experience.

  • Bone Marrow Treatment
  • Brain Tumour Surgery
  • Breast Cancer Treatment
  • Cardiac Treatment
  • Cervical Cancer Cure
  • Dementia Treatment
  • Epilepsy Cure
  • Gastro Cancer Treatment
  • Prostate Cancer Cure

  • Coordinating with the hospital and treating doctor.
  • Handholding the patient and the attendant through the most difficult duration of the treatment lifecycle - hospitalization.
  • Sourcing updates on the patient from the hospital and passing them on to the sponsor of the treatment (such as, the insurance agency, charity organization, employer, etc).
  • Keep track of the additional requirements (if discovered during the treatment) and strive to organize interventions accordingly - to ensure that the treatment process does not get disrupted.
  • Guiding the travelers to an acceptable guest house.
  • Facilitating hospital/doctor interaction for the patient and guiding the lifecycle to a conclusion.
  • Facilitating the fixing of the return journey.
  • Facilitating the fit-to-fly certificate.
  • Facilitating sight-seeing visits to tourist locales (at extra cost).
  • Facilitating patient drop to the airport before the departure of the flight (on their way back home).